Tuesday, April 6, 2010

On the way: Nation’s first tech-literacy exam

Check out the article that I've posted here.

On the way: Nation’s first tech-literacy exam

This goes to show that technology education and use is more and more becoming part of our culture in the modern American high school. We are now going to be measured (as an educational system) on how well our students use technology.

Here are my questions:
What do you think this means on the local level? How long before the powers-that-be trickle-down the mandated technology course at the early grades? What do you think of this addition to education? Is this a valid use of public education? Can anyone really live without these technologies any longer? Is this what it felt like to be in the first generation of automobile owners or electric-light users? How long before it's just part of how we define our society, or is it already?

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