Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ebook Final Project

Myebook - Freshman Poetry, 2010 - click here to open my ebook

This is the final project that I chose for the course. It requires that you have some instructional time with the students as well as a project that would allow itself to create a 'book' of work for the students.

I had students email me their Word files and audio, though in hindsight there are a few changes I would make to the procedure to save myself some time:

  • have each student create a 'jpg' of their poem so I don't have to convert them.

  • have students save all the files in a shared folder on the network so I don't have to 'save-as' all the links they email.

  • enable all students to record by requiring it and providing recorders (which the PTO graciously purchased us this year)

This was a good project, but I am still converting files and making snapshots of the poems. With the adaptations mentioned above, I think this is a sustainable project for future poetry units that we do.

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