Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Screen Sharing, Real-time

   I have been exploring a variety of online tools in my efforts to find new 21st century tools to discuss. The one that has struck me recently, and may just strike your fancy, is

   This website allows individuals to send their screen to remote viewers with no software installation required. The download that it runs is similar to the one your online banking uses to keep your information safe, so it is generally well accepted by networks that are locked down pretty well.
   The great potential I see in this tool is the ability to allow students to collaborate over distance. As long as both students are able to access the internet, they should be able to work together by allowing control of their computer to the other student.
   I see some great potential here, and I recognize that this is not a perfect collaboration because sound does not transmit through the screen, but a skype session or a phone call is all it would take to fix that.
   In all, I would recommend that teachers see this site as an opportunity to let students work together on collaborative projects outside the boundaries of school.

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  1. I agree Mr. B. I enjoyed testing this in the library the other day with you. I was very impressed by the simple interface and ease of use. It's rare that a web-based tool works so simply in a "locked-down" network environment.