Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Village Academy

This is a great summary of one of the great educational acheivements of our day. I am impressed with the administrator's approach to education, but what do you think?

Click Here to see the brief interview.

Oh, and I now want to eat pudding. You?

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  1. I thought this video was really wonderful...We need more people today to think along the lines of Ms. Kenny. By thinking progressively, and by acknowledging the needs of teachers, as well as students, she has launched an idea that could potentially change the lives and education of millions of children.

    There was a really interesting article in People Magazine this week, page 60, that was called "State of Our Schools: Falling Down." It was a scary look into some of the problems that plague our educational system today. I'll bring it in on Thursday, if you don't have a chance to check it out before then!.