Thursday, March 1, 2012

Video Editing Day Two... Tools, etc.

Today, we will finish discussing video editing by having a thorough work day in which we edit our videos so that they are web-ready. The following topics might help you:

Q: What do I do if I have a video file but need an AVI file to edit in Magix?
A: Download the Pezera Suite and use the simple interface to convert any of the available formats into AVI files.

Q: What if I don't want to use Magix Movie Maker?
A: Well, you could use any of the programs I list below. Remember, the skill of editing video is more important than what program you use.

Video Editing:

  • YouTube Editing (online and free!)
  • iMovie (for Mac or iPad (I paid $5 for my iPad version.))
  • Avidemux (for you who enjoy open source software, and free!)
  • Windows MovieMaker Live (which has a good assortment of tools, and it's free!)
That will have to do for now, because many of the ones that I liked in the past are not being offered any longer online. Of course, you could pay for a professional tool (like Magix, Adobe Premier, or Adobe After Effects)

This is a good skill to develop, especially now that so much of our lives are spent watching videos of one sort or another. It is a good way to reach students where they are (see this video from Westerville South High School in Columbus, OH).

So, can you edit video?

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